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For lovers of great Food And Wine

Bespoke Catering

My passion is in creating beautiful food and sharing it with others. I have been very fortunate in building a reputation as a successful chef and regularly travel between the UK, France, and US to work with my clients.

I thrive on the buzz of being creative and meeting the challenges of cooking wonderful food for large numbers of guests, regularly catering for hundred’s of guests in amazing venues with really exciting themes!

Gourmet Experience

Katherine Frelon la ferme de la lochereIf you love French food and wine you will definitely love my bespoke gourmet vacation experience at La Ferme de la Lochere, situated in the heart of beautiful Burgundy!

We can accommodate tailor-made vacations throughout the year, offering our guests a huge variety of culinary experiences.

Examples of Our Work

Enjoy the beautiful, gourmet vacation experience at La Ferme de la Lochere. Learn More