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Let me introduce myself!

I am Katherine Frelon, and my passion is  creating delicious, colourful, food sourced from the freshest ingredients and sharing it with others over a glass or two of perfectly paired wine.

Leaving England when I was in my very early 20’s,  I set out on an adventure. I renovated various old buildings, learning to roof, plumb and tile along the way; forage for mushrooms; skin some of the most unplesant looking fish and mammals I’d ever seen; pluck the wildlife; experiment with cheesemaking; make ‘boudin noir’ with no skins; rustle up a couldron of a few hundred snails (all collected by hand, although I’m pleased to say not mine!); and finally made my way to Burgundy, where I settled and worked as a successful Chef for the American/French 5* Hotel Barging Company.

Having searched high and low I finally found ‘La Ferme de la Lochere, the perfect setting to share my love of all things French – the markets, the food, the wine and the wonderful local artisans. ‘La ferme de la lochere’ became the epicentre of gourmet culinary wine adventures!

As well as my freelance catering commitments I have a passion for writing, being included in the BBC Good Food magazine and providing special occasion recipes in the newspapers. My inspiration comes from all over the world and I love creating recipes that are easy to follow and reproduce at home.

A pioneer for all things locally grown and sourced, I created a range of ready prepared meals for my local farm shop. These have since gone on to win many awards and have been featured in Country Living Magazine.

One of my greatest passions is cooking with spices and I am always experimenting with different combinations of ingredients, styles, and tastes. I am slightly obsessed I guess!!!

I often refer to myself as the “head chef and bottle washer” but nothing would be possible if it were not for the dedicated team of friends and professionals that make my work such a joy!

I’d like to share my passion so read on and stay in touch ………………….