Barcelona Discoveries!

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May 2012 – Barcelona and a quick getaway for my son’s 14th Birthday!

Like most teenagers of his age, we could only eat authentic Catalan food so we hit the ‘Hard Rock’ after stepping off the plane! Good start!

Sadly Starbucks was the only way to consume the amount of coffee I need each morning without spending 35€ in the local café!

However, Tapas was breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I had amazingly rented an apartment a stones thorough away from Barcelona’s famous undercover market which is one of my greatest discoveries, I just couldn’t get enough of the stands. The fish section left me speechless with the variety of produce, I’ve never seen so much in my life!

They obviously like offal as there was stall after stall after stalls of it! Crows claws, sheep heads, white stomachs, rather dubious grey looking stomachs but the most eyebrow raising was the 5l bottles of water containers with pig’s blood in. Now, I make boudin noir in france with our ½ yearly pig, but I’ve never seen it sold in its liquid state, not very “European Health and Safety Standards” if you ask me!!

Moving on though, obviously the cured hams and saucisson were the main feature of the market – there were hundreds with prices from 20€ to over 180€ per kg. I’m happy to say I managed to line one whole side of my suitcase with half the markets hams and cheeses to recreate the tapas feel at home even down to the kilo’s of little green chilli’s that they chargrill – delicious!

I’m now planning a Chef’s tour of Barcelona so watch this space – we have the market –the apartment block and I may have found a restaurant kitchen I can use!! Pretty impressive for a 3 day trip! Oh, and I think my son enjoyed his birthday trip too!


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