Christmas Day – Ready, Steady, GO!

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Ready, Steady, GO!

6.45 am

(I am an early riser, but I don’t want to scare you and make you get up at 6 am!)

This plan is all based on a 7.5kg Turkey that is stuffed which requires 3.5-4 hours of cook time. Serving time is approximately 3 PM.

Whilst the coffee is on …..

Takes 15 mins Preheat oven, take out the brioche dough from fridge, mould and leave to rise for 40, cook for 15.

Mix the muffin ingredients together, divide between cases and bake until firm.

imageThe muffins and brioche are part of my Christmas tradition and as such does not come under the1hr in kitchen plan so add on an extra 20 mins.


This takes fifteen minutes BUT get this done as soon as you can because the secret to the whole theory of a reduced cooking time is getting the bird (this applies to ALL meats) to room temperature before it goes into the oven.

Take turkey out of brine, drain, stuff and rub with softened butter (not melted) place upside-down in foil tray, cover with foil – depending on size and what time you are eating put in preheated oven or wait.

Either way leave out at room temperature.
Take Ham out of fridge or bring in from the Chef’s Cool room and bring to room temperature.

warm muffins for breakfast

enjoy these delicious warm muffins for breakfast on Christmas Day

The muffins and brioche is part of my Christmas tradition and as such does not come under the1 hour in kitchen add on extra 20 mins.

Have breakfast and open pressies, if this is your tradition!

Christmas Countdown

10.00 Preheat the  oven.

10.30am Put Turkey in oven – Cooking time 4.5 hrs.

11.00 Takes 3 mins – Baste and check Turkey, warm through mulled wine, and definitely check from time to time!

13.30 Takes 5 mins – Take turkey out and turn up the right way round, remove foil covering and cook for another 30 mins.
Potatoes on to par boil for 2 mins, drain, keep warm in pan with lid on.

14.00 Takes 5 mins – Take out Turkey, cover and keep warm, leave to rest for 45mins/1 hr.
Foil dish with goose fat in oven ready for potatoes.When the goose fat is smoking hot add potatoes, baste with fat and roast for 45mins. Ham in foil dish covered with glaze.

14.05 Takes 20 mins – Cook all other veggies, make bread sauce and warm through gravy.

14.30 Takes 5 mins – Drain veggies and keep warm in serving dishes.

15.00 Call to table and start carving the Turkey!
16.00 Takes 10 mins – Finish off Baked Alaska – follow the recipe included in previous blog

Total time: 58 mins


As you can see this is a very tight schedule but remember, even if you do go over having this plan will keep you focused, so if it takes you 1hr 30, it doesn’t matter, just enjoy the day.

The reason I wanted to share this with you all is to prove you DON’T have to spend the whole day in the kitchen if you plan well and stick to a plan.

I wish you all a very Merry Festive Christmas and a healthy happy New Year!


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