Christmas Eve Final Preparations

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Get the Turkey in the brine, cover and leave in a cool place.Take everything out of the freezer first thing in the morning, you will need for Christmas Day.

Take out some soup, bread and a risotto/pie or chilli for supper/brunch so you don’t have to think about food for the masses that evening.

a festive table

laying the festive table the night before keeps you on traqck for a stress free christmas

Peel and prep ALL the veggies.
The kids, grannie, aunts and friends can peel a spud or two – come on!
The chicken stock will be defrosted by now, so finish off the gravy Weigh out all ingredients for bread sauce, cover with clingfilm, label, stick the recipe on top, set aside for tomorrow.
Get all the baking trays out, organise the oven and hob so you know what is going where
Get the serving dishes, and place in the warmer if you have one, you can still get them out.

I love making brioche for breakfast and muffins, so, I start the brioche dough off on Christmas Eve

Weigh out the muffin mixture – you will have a bowl with all the dry ingredients in and one with the wet ingredients, cover and leave until tomorrow morning

If you haven’t already, lay the table.

And of course, prep the mulled wine.

Before going to bed – make a final plan for Christmas Day Ask yourself this question – When do you want to eat?


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