Don’t tell Kim, but …..

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charllie's birthday cake 1Of course I can ice Charlie’s very important Birthday cake with Royal Icing Kim, no problem but it’s been a while!!

Was I mad ……don’t answer that!
Well, actually the last time I did anything with Royal Icing was at school and that was a VERY long time ago when they still had Home Economics – you know the one when you have to do a soft peaked Christmas cake to take home that hid the bright yellow marzipan that hid the burnt cake that no one wanted to eat anyway!

Kim made the most beautiful fruit cake, so all I had to do was marzipan and ice it how difficult could it be? I was slightly nervous, and my hand was pretty unsteady doing the 1st layer – yes you have to do at least 3! But, actually the whole thing was great fun and I loved it, so if anyone has a┬ácake that needs icing, just send it to me!

close up of charlie's birthday cake

Charlie Pope birthday cake


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