Drive less, waste less, spend less – delicious store cupboard brunch!

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Drive less, waste less, spend less – delicious store cupboard brunch!

Ever since Christmas I feel like I’m still trying to work off the gluttonous overload of too many delicious choices.
Where has my self control gone?
The thing is, it’s not like I’m even hungry!
I cook every day, my stomach never rumbles unless I have totally forgotten to eat.
This can happen if I’m cooking for a high octane Wedding where I don’t sleep, talk or eat anything for days.

spelt, rye, white and wholemeal flours

Empty all the flour into a big heap, flavour with smoked salt and ‘voila’ delicious bread

And the cost, Oh my! I am still reeling from the expense of the festive feasting.
Just because I cook professionally doesn’t mean I am always in the mood to cook! Sometimes, I’d like a little slack – Don’t want to go out, definitely don’t want to drive or see the inside of a supermarket.

However, as so many of us know, when children are on the scene it’s the first thing they think about when they wake up in the morning.

I’m sure it is only hunger that get my teen out of bed and at 7.30am as he heads out for school I can tell he is already wondering what I am cooking for supper!
When he calls out my name on arriving home it isn’t to see if I’m OK,it’s just to make sure I’m in and ready to cook!

So to get myself motivated, I have set myself a challenge:-

Drive less, waste less, spend less …..

Open up your pantries, gather all the half empty flour bags, the 4 pots of honey that only have tablespoon in them, get rid of the out of date yeasts sitting in the back of the cupboard for years and get baking!
Get your ski gloves on and dive into the freezer, drag out all the meat you’ve been saving, but now can’t read the name to even know what it is!
Turf out the half empty bottles of sauces and whizz up some inventive BBQ sauces
Slow cook the meats in the BBQ sauces and shred with baked potatoes, on top of pasta’s, or refreeze for a later date

Defrost the fruit you thought you’d use but didn’t and blend it into smoothies for the kids with those black skinned bananas they won’t touch – Yep, I have one of those too! First sign of black skin on banana, no ones interested
Hello slightly out of date prune yoghurt that is sitting all alone at the back of the fridge – heeeeeelllllooooo warm yoghurt cake with sparkling blueberries ( OK, so the blueberries were not enough for anyone to do anything with and were looking past their best but  …)

Country pâté with tomato and pear relish

Delicious pâté made with ground meats from the freezer and relish from the larder preserved in jars last summer

Bannoffee pie

Bye bye, black banana’s, Hello delicious dessert with store cupboard ingredients

See, what you can do and you’ll feel great! I promise.
I have been doing this for well over 3 weeks now.
The contents of my 3 freezers  can now fill only half of one!
No more half packets of pasta, rice or flour.
No more bits of cheese in the fridge, definitely no out of date yoghurts or black skinned bananas.

Argh, it is soooo cleansing!


Moorish bread with added honey and smoked salt

This warm fresh bread with olive oil and honey is so moorish, either with a strong cheese or fruit preserve


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