Extreme cooking for extreme sportsmen!

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This week was a marathon, well maybe not exactly but all the guests had either done one or a triathlon or two, so I was kept on my toes as their boundless energy shaped the week.

Full of enthusiasm and ‘let’s do it’ they mastered the art of a perfect Gougere, beat Frederique the Boulongere at Croissant making and created four different types of sausages, Toulose, Mergeuz, Smoked and Boudin Blanc, only breaking for the occassional challenge of 30 or so pushups!

They still found time for some running in the chilly crisp air of Winter and long hours huddled in the Cellars with Brendan Moore tasting over 22 wines in 1 cellar alone! They must have created a good impression as one producer even offered them a magnum of her finest Chablis! Delicious!

They were a great group and I’m going to miss them!



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