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Food at 52 Me, mirror, menu

Food at 52
Me, mirror, menu

Hello, I’m Katherine Frelon, AKA ‘Scatty Chef’ for those that knew me in my young days, but let’s just say I’ve matured into the Eclectic Chef era!!

I am a wandering freelance Chef throughout the UK, France & US.  I founded the Gourmet Culinary and Wine retreat of ‘La ferme de la Lochere’, in the heart of Burgundy were my guests are inspired to create fresh, fragrant, seasonal recipes gathering ingredients from local producers and fabulous markets.

Call me on (+33) 672865609 or (+44) 7791941958  twitter @katherinefrelon, Facebook katherinefrelon – inspirational gourmet chef, or go to the contact page of this website to find out more about my inspirational approach to food and wine!

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From weddings to private dinners, corporate functions to major events, I can provide your complete catering solution. I love my freelancing and regularly travel between France, the US and UK to work.

The Gourmet Experience

Let me be your host in the beautiful Burgundy area of France. Experience the gastronomic secrets of this magical and majestic region at my unique gourmet vacation retreat.

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Finding out more couldn’t be simpler. Fill out the web contact form and I will come back to you with a full information pack containing prices and availability.