Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Careful Menu Planning

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By Katherine Frelon

Now that we are a few days into the New Year, I hope that you found some time to relax and recover from the holidays. I also hope that you are sticking to your resolutions thus far and trying new recipes such as the delicious pink peppercorn fish or Chef Lyon’s easy appetizers!  If one of your resolutions happens to be cooking for your family with more regularity or making the most of your budget, then you may find this week’s tip particularly helpful.

Make it a habit to plan your menus carefully for the week.

Use recipes that call for similar ingredients.  Plan your shopping trip accordingly. Once you cook, you will see all the ingredients disappear. It’s so much more economical this way. Not to mention, you will see far less wasted food!

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Include foods in the weekly menu that can be prepared a variety of different ways such as the versatile potato. One of the best parts of planning your meals in advance is that it makes for a less stressful week allowing you more time to enjoy your family.

Here’s to countless fabulous meals in the New Year!






*Images courtesy of Vietnam and Fiona Ly via Katherine Frelon’s Facebook Page.


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