Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Cook the Turkey Upside Down

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By Katherine Frelon

In case you missed this tip during the week of Thanksgiving, you don’t want to miss my simple, and fool-proof method to cut the turkey roasting time in half.  This is quite possibly be the most important and time saving tip of the season!

turkey 2There are many opinions about roasting a Turkey  and I have tried many of these theories. One has to ask the question: If lunch is to be served at a reasonable time say 2/3 pm, who on this earth wants to set their alarm at 4am to get the Turkey ready?  NOT ME for one.

SO I vote for cooking the Turkey upside down.

Cooking the Turkey this way means it will reduce the cooing time by half – yes,  you heard right, half.

Plan to soak the turkey in brine over night. In the morning, drain the turkey from it’s bath whilst the coffee is on.  Next, simply rub with soft butter and put into a large foil tin. YES! foil = no washing up.

Treat yourself on Christmas Day by using foil oven trays that you just throw away, it’s the best Christmas Present the Chef can get!

christmas tableNow I’m not completely sure who’s idea it was originally, but I heard it first from Nigella and she warns that the first year you cook it this way you will be inclined to give it another 30mins or so because you just can’t believe it takes so little time – It does so don’t add on extra time, just let it rest and trust the theory.

With everything planned and prepped the day and weeks before, once the Turkey is in the oven, it’s time to just relax and enjoy your guests, family, kids and pressies!



*Images courtesy of Pixelbase and Elvisfan76 at sxc.hu.


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