Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Countdown to Christmas

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By Katherine Frelon

With Christmas a little over a week away, you may be starting to fret over the last minute details of the holidays. However, there’s no need to worry as we’ve been planning for Christmas day for months. If you’re worried about the children being underfoot, consider a child friendly Christmas get together this week to help them relieve their energy!

To alleviate stress, I’ve outlined a simple guide to get you through the next week.

christmas tree finalOne week to go – Go back and revise the plan 

What still needs to be done?

Purchase all the drink supplies  if you haven’t already

Pick up the Turkey

DON’T be tempted to go Christmas shopping! Stick with the presents you’ve got or made, they will be loved.

Two days before Christmas Day

Take out turkey Giblets and make the gravy – don’t be a slave to the last minute dash, it’s a total waste of time!

Make the stuffing if making fresh, or take out of freezer

Make the cranberry sauce if you haven’t already made this

Make some delicious spiced red cabbage

Make up the nibbles – bacon wrapped dates with goat’s cheese for example or sausages in filo ready for baking – Another batch of spiced nuts would probably go down really well to0.

Leave the bread out to go stale for the bread sauce.

Prepare ingredients for a simple supper . Risotto, for example , is something delicious and easy to make. There is no fuss and minimum washing up.

Christmas Eve Day

Take out your supper from the freezer for this evening.

Get all the vegetables prepped

Soak your Turkey in a spiced brine, if that’s what you do. Keep it in a cool place but avoid the fridge.

Lay the table  making certain to put crackers and snacks up high to avoid little fingers getting hold of them before the big day.

Light the fire, put some Christmas Carols on, take a glass of mulled wine and soak up the spirit of Christmas!

Better get to bed early or Father Christmas won’t come!

santa was here

*Image courtesy of MeiTeng and ThreeOak at sxc.hu


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