Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Plan Ahead for the Holidays

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By Katherine Frelon 

After surviving another spook filled Halloween, it is officially time to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, the best way to be prepared is to plan ahead.

 If you don’t want to be totally kyboshed by all there is to do, embrace the preparations and minimise the festive stress by following some simple and practical tips.thanksgiving table

First things first. Boring for most I know, but planning is essential for festive and serene results and to make sure you are the perfect party hostess/host.

Planning is the first thing I ever learnt to do in the ‘olden days’ (a quote taken from my teenage son) during my Home Economics lesson. Planning is, I would say, the most important lesson I ever learnt and I apply it to all sorts of situations to this day.

What do you want to cook? There are hundreds of, nye thousands of recipes to choose from, so take a moment in early Autumn and think about, where you’ll be, who’ll be there, how long they’ll be there and make a plan! If you’d like to try some new dishes this year,  consider Chef Kristen Lyon’s appetizer recipes.

Once you’ve made your plan, make a list. Please don’t sigh. I can hear it from here but you won’t regret it, I promise.It will keep your budget under control and will give you so much free time on the holidays themselves, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about!

So grab a delicious cocktail and join me over the next few weeks as we countdown to the holidays and I will share my best advice for making the holidays a true success!

Perhaps you can even begin to consider treating yourself to a bespoke gourmet vacation experience at La Ferme de la Lochere, situated in the heart of beautiful Burgundy after the holidays!

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