Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Fresh Fish

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By Katherine Frelon

fresh fish displayThe health benefits of including fish as a part of your regular diet are numerous and there are literally hundreds of delicious ways to prepare fish. Experimenting with different varieties of fish and recipes adds vital nutrients to your diet and can be great fun.

If you buy fish (or any kind of seafood), it HAS to be fresh, nothing else will do! Talking to the fish supplier in your local market directly is the best way to learn the best options available.

Talk to him or her about what you are looking for and he will advise you on the freshest fish available on a particular day.

Choosing fresh fish is not only the safest, but will also taste the best.

Why not start with this delicious pink peppercorn fish recipe and enjoy!

*Images courtesy of Vietnam and Fiona Ly via Katherine Frelon’s Facebook Page.


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