Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Making Halloween Frightful

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by Katherine Frelon

Although Halloween is merely days away, there is still time to add some frightful delight to your holiday. With these easy tips that both children and adults will love, you’ll be sure to have the spookiest Halloween party on the block!halloween house

Use a mix of icing and candy toppers on your cupcakes to add eyeballs, bleeding mouths and green snake eyes to create horror cupcakes.

Add creepy crawly plastic bugs to homemade Jello and instruct party guests to pick out the bugs with their mouths.

Turn your colorful cocktails into potion drinks by adding them to smoking test tubes.

Don’t forget to save all of your Halloween decorations each year in a designated box as you will never use everything in the same year. This will make it easier to create the perfect ghoulish Halloween ambiance  the following year.

Most importantly, have a spooktacular Halloween!

*Images courtesy of Jtram at sxc.hu




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