Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Preparing for Seasonal Guests

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By Katherine Frelon

cookingTis’ the season for company.

Whether you have friends or relatives planning to visit for Thanksgiving, Christmas or both, chances are there will be extra mouths to feed at some point during the holiday season.

Fretting about what to cook for supper each night takes away from time that could be spent enjoying the company of family and friends.

This brings me to my weekly tip that I find incredibly helpful during the holidays (not to mention the rest of the year as well).

guestsIf you are cooking for guests coming to stay over a prolonged period of time, say four days, and you’d like them to think that you are the ultimate Goddess of house and home, start cooking dishes that you can keep in the freezer. This goes hand in hand with planning ahead for the holidays.

I often wonder, why don’t more people do this? It’s such a good idea and just keeps the place free of washing up too.

To avoid forgetting to take meals out of the freezer, set yourself a reminder on your phone just like you would for a doctor’s appointment or a school event.

It’s better than waking up at 3 am and wondering what it is that you forgot to do!

I always make loads of mini mincepies, so when people just drop by I have some warmed in the oven before you can say ‘glass of mulled wine.’ Chef Lyon’s three easy appetizer recipes provide more inspiration.

*Images courtesy of Vietnam and Fiona Ly via Katherine Frelon’s Facebook Page.


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