Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Making Festive Christmas Gifts

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By Katherine Frelonchristmas gift

Don’t you just hate it when well meaning people look at you with deep concern and say ‘calm  down’ ‘you need to relax’ It makes me want to scream, because I Love Christmas!

There I said it!

I love Christmas, I truly do.

I love the warm cosy feeling it gives me, I love the scented candles, the open fire, the smell of freshly baked buttery brioche and cinnamon muffins, Christmas Carols that remind me of my childhood and the fact it is the one time of year I will NOT be cooking for anyone else but myself and my family.

I have scented candles all the time, I have an open fire for most of the winter months, but it’s that Christmas magic which makes all the difference.

Christmas is about sharing. Whatever your religious leanings, it’s a time to appreciate what you have and to take a moment to think of those less fortunate than yourselves.

snowman-and-candles-2012-1A groaning table, multiple drinks, parties and excess is the norm. To pare down the gluttonous feast would be the saddest thing in the world. I for one am not going to be holding back, although a few brisk walks at some point during the festivities is a must!

So if you don’t want to be totally kyboshed by all there is to do, embrace the holiday preparations and minimise the festive stress by following some simple and practical tips.

Plan to set aside a weekend around the beginning of December to make gifts – spiced salts, fig and honey vinegar, raspberry vinegar, spiced orange and cardamon vinegar, elderberry, lavender and pomegranate vodka, jewelled christmas mincemeat, peppermint creams and Turkish delights Yum! Little bags of spices to make aromatic pouches of loveliness.

Get the kids involved or if you haven’t got any borrow some! I gest! You can get a group of friends together too.

Give each guest a list of ingredients to bring.

For the children, get them making up gift bags for party games and baking cup cakes, cookies and caramels etc.

Give the grown ups a chance to trial some Christmas cocktails (remember to write the ratio’s down before you succumb to blurred vision) whilst they are preparing dishes that can later be frozen – mini mince pies, macaroons, pigs in a blanket, Spicy nut mix for drinks, giant cheese straws, gougeres, etc.

By turning an evening of gift making into a festive holiday party, you’re not only making gifts that loved ones will treasure, you’re also creating fond memories for the entire family.

*Image courtesy of MeiTeng at sxc.hu.


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