Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Holiday Preserving

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By Katherine Frelon 

IMG_1140As I’ve mentioned before, one of the absolute best ways to be able to enjoy the season is to plan ahead for the holidays.

CBH_ScattyChef_0611Keeping things on track by following schedule and doing as many things in advance of the actual holiday will keep things running smoothly and help you maintain your sanity!

Don’t forget to plan your menus way ahead, make a shopping list and prep, prep, prep!

Once again I come back to canning/preserving.

So much can be done before the holidays arrive such as mincemeats, sauces, cranberry jelly, apple jelly.

Consider spending an afternoon canning in advance of the holiday rush. A simple way to alleviate  stress. This saves so much time and allows you more time to enjoy your guests!


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