Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Keep Your Knives Sharp

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By Katherine Frelon

knife sharpKitchen safety is of course essential to successful meal preparation, especially when you have children in the home.  With a little foresight and planning, many kitchen mishaps can beprevented. A very important but often overlooked aspect of kitchen safety is taking proper care of knives.

Avoid bloody accidents and keep your knives sharp-you can ask your local farm shop or butcher to assist and pop some pennies in the charity box to show your gratitude.

Be sure to sharpen knives every few months or as necessary based on how often they are in use.  This will also increase the longevity of your knives and help prevent kitchen catastrophes!

You’ll definitely want to be certain that your knives are very sharp before trying this tasty slow braised pork belly recipe. Yum!

*Image courtesy of Vietnam and Fiona Ly via Katherine Frelon’s Facebook Page.


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