Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Lemon Drizzle Delight

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By Katherine Frelon

Lemon Drizzle Cake is a delicious blast from the past that is a favorite for many. The perfect lemon drizzle cake is moist and bursting with lemony flavor. And of course the best part is always the drizzle.

lemon cakeBe sure to add the zest of three lemons to the basic cake. Don’t forget to heat up the juice with three soup spoons of sugar and pour over the cooked cake.

The recipe for Lemon Drizzle is simple  but there never seems to be enough drizzle.  So be sure to double the dose  and spoon over the mixture twice. Make sure to leave in the tin and stab with a knife before drizzling. Yum!

Dont’t forget to invite your girlfriends over for an afternoon of chatting over cake. And if you love lemons, don’t miss this lemon posset dessert recipe.

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