Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Pasta Sauce in a Pinch

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pasta sauce

By Katherine Frelon

There are so many wonderful uses for tomato soup. Most people think of enjoying a warm bowl of soup paired with a grilled cheese on a cold winter’s evening. However, what many people may not know is that you can also use tomato soup as a base for a pasta sauce when you’re in a pinch!

To use a chunky tomato soup as an emergency pasta sauce, just add fresh crushed garlic and strips of fresh basil

The garlic and basil give the soup that extra zest and makes for a rather nice pasta. Add your favorite meat or veggies for extra flavour. Serve over your preferred type of pasta with fresh bread and salad for a complete meal.

Love the versatility of soup? Consider planning a day of soup canning, so you’ll always have plenty on hand.

*Image courtesy of Salsachica at sxc.hu.



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