Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Plan Regular Fridge Clean Outs

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By Katherine Frelon

Cleanliness in the kitchen is an absolute must for a healthy home.  Having a tidy kitchen makes it much easier to navigate the kitchen whilst cooking and makes spending time gathered round the table far more enjoyable.

You may groan at this week’s tip but I promise that once you get into this routine, you will be so thankful that you did.

Make it a habit to clean out your fridge on a regular basis. Set a date on your mobile devices and put on repeat every two weeks. Food safety is a must in the kitchen. Bonus, you get to cook up a frittata or quiche with all the bits. Only those in date of course!

in the kitchen

When you clean the fridge with regularity it will no longer be a taunting a tedious task, but rather simple and breezy. A frequently purged fridge also allows for a more accurate assessment of how much food your family actually consumes. Not only does this make for more economical shopping and less waste, but it also makes advance meal planning a breeze!

You can make it something to look forward to by rewarding yourself with this refreshing sage cocktail recipe once you’ve finished!

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