Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Sourcing a Butcher

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By Katherine Frelon

Selecting the perfect meat can be a real challenge at the local supermarket and oftentimes it may difficult to get any questions you may have answered. Preparing meals with quality meat is so very important which is why I absolutely recommend relying on the help of your local butcher. SONY DSC

Source a reliable butcher and get the best you can afford. They are always willing to help you choose the best piece, not necessarily the most expensive. They may also have excellent tips on the best way to prepare the meat.

As a bonus they will often sharpen your knives for you too, just pop some pennies in the charity box!

It feels great to be able to support the local economy and develop a personal rapport with the butcher. I also guarantee that you will be able to taste a the difference!

*Image courtesy of flo_loca25 at sxc.hu.


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