Katherine Frelon’s Tip of the Week: Yummy Honey Bread

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By Katherine Frelon 

When it comes to making homemade bread, the possibilities are simply endless. You can literally make hundreds of different types of bread that will all be sure to please. You can take your favorite bread recipe and turn it into a positively divine experience just by adding a dab honey.

Try making a blend of wholemeal spelt, organic white or rye with a couple of spoonfuls of runny honey and olive oil with the classic recipe Yummy Yummy! The bread turns out delicious and slightly chewy.


The bread tastes truly amazing with salty butter.

Upon tasting honey bread, you may never want to make bread without it again!

Another great way to experience honey is with my honey mint marinade.

*Images courtesy of Atroszko and Kongrove and  at sxc.hu.


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