Christmas Fun for All Ages

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By Katherine Frelon

Throwing a Christmas party for the kids is a great way for them to get in the holiday spirit and spend time with the friends during the holiday break. You can make it enjoyable for everyone by planning separate activities for the different age groups in your household.

I love a bit of a party but sometimes find that different generations miss out on some aspects due to age. Little ones and teens do NOT mix.  Not in our house tree lights

So I make it my mission to provide each with my undivided attention. The teens are easy! Make them food and leave them too it! Planned between Christmas and New Year, that way you can serve them a massive turkey curry and vegetable pilau, finishing off the left overs for good.

Do it before hand at your peril as you could find  the nibbles store depleted and be a few bottles of egg nog down!

The little ones are SO hyperactive with the impending delivery of their long and detailed Christmas lists. So why not get them involved with a massive fun party with loads of games. I love an indoor sports day because it totally exhausts them. This depends on availability of space of course.

It will make them pretty weary and give other parents time to do tear round the shops for last minute bits and bobs, which you, of course, will not need to do because you’re so organised for the holidays!

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