One man down, but the team carry on …………..Boudin Blanc to make Pear Tatin to taste and a chilled Rully 1er Cru to open and enjoy

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As my latest gourmet food and wine course draws to a close one of the most creative members of the team departed early this morning leaving his fellow students a little down and gloomy.
lunch in a hidden location Or was that the result of yesterdays whirlwind activities. Foraging for gourmet treats in Dijon market, speeding through vineyards along the Cote de Nuits, devouring a Pop Up lunch with a velvety little 1999 Côte de Nuit in a secret location hidden deep in the Vines near Nuits Saint Gorges, before heading back to HQ and slaving over a hot stove preparing dinner.

Either way we all felt ‘one man down,’ so to raise our spirits we opened a fruity 2009 Chablis and got cracking with making Boudin Blanc!


I must say the team were total pro’s as you’ll see from the pictures.
Let’s hope they taste as good as they look!









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