Ozzie’s on tour!

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Last year when I was working for friends of mine on their Hotel Barge, the ‘C’est la vie’ cruising through on the beautiful Burgundy canal, I was lucky enough to meet 4 of the nicest guests I have ever had the pleasure to cook for.

2 were American and 2 Australian. The American lady was the Barging Queen of the world and what Ellen doesn’t know about what works in barging is quite frankly not worth knowing and the Australian’s were the funniest, nicest, friendliest couple, truly genuine. We had a riot that week and as they left they said see you next year!

Well, they did! Last week they came to me at ‘la ferme de la lochere’ in Burgundy France with 5 of their closest friends and as you will see from the pictures we had another riot! The sun shone, the food cooked, the wine flowed and we didn’t stop laughing from morning tell night.

I love my job!


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