Huuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmus! and look, no tahini!

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Yum!I was doing a little girlie supper the other day and I didn’t even know half of them, how wired is that!

Anyway, the central characters are cool so I wasn’t that bothered, however I’d decided to go for a Lebanese sort of theme as I am still not over discovering all the amazing recipes and feel so inspired I just have to keep on churning out ideas. As I am in Burgundy at the moment it can sometimes be tricky to step outside the box when cooking for French guests, but hey, tough!! I was on a roll. Here’s my hummus pic’s without Tahini as it’s a rare find in France – I normally stock up when I go back to UK and take a daring trip to North Acton and my favorite Lebanese bakery.

I have found a great recipe without the need for tahini, it really is great, but the best olive oil you can to drizzle over the top is a must as is using fresh lemon juice – non of the bottled stuff please!

Look, no tahini!Smashing it up!      What goes on top


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