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I leave for the UK tomorrow to cook for private clients and to check out Borough market goodies but before I leave I thought, I know! I must just do some green tomato chutney. The green tomatoes are just hanging in bunches in the garden and it’s dreadful to let them just fade away when they have been so productive.

Out of respect for the 80 tomato plants in the raised beds this year from all the different varieties that bared us such amazing delicious, juicy fruits all summer long it is only right and fitting that they are preserved to be enjoyed through the winter months too.

So with my Grannie’s trug I gathered the cherry green, the tiger stripped, pear drop, beef steak, orange, black and plain vines, chopped and seasoned, ending up with an enormous vat load of chutney that is finally in jars, simmering away as they sterilize to prolong their shelf life for up to 2 years. Maturing in their own little atmospheres’s!

I will leave them to rest before tasting with a fruity, well aged Comté and a little known bottle of Irancy – Pinot Noir grape with a splash of Cesar


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