The last of the leeks and carrots!

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Spring is finally showing it’s sleepy head, the daffodils are out and I think I might have just caught a glimse of some buds on the  trees outside my office.

How I ever managed to get the squash seeds, heirloom tomatoes and some really cool looking cucumbers planted I’ll never know. It must have been that sunny day sometime last week! They’re all coming through (next to the window in my sitting room just beside the radiator) it’s very exciting!
So to make way for this years crops I dug up the last of the leeks and carrots to cook with my neighbours gift of a chuck of wild boar!
The smell of the herbs and red wine for over 3 hours was irresistible!


Served with a fruity Bordeaux followed by my Blackberry Bakewell Tart the soggy weather was soon forgotten!
Recipes to follow!



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