The things we do for love!

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My cheeky daughter Matilda decided to host a Pyjama party for her 9th Birthday this year and last year she mumbledĀ about a ‘Monster High’ Birthday cake yeh! yeh! Keep stom, and she is bound to change her mind!!
Yeh right! It actually got more specific than the general cake NO, she wants the perfect copy of Clawdeen! Sure thing sweetie, anything you want, it’ll be a breeze!

Matilda's birthday cake

This was the easy part!

I’ve been making themed cakes since I was a school, so it was going to be a piece of cake, pardon the pun!
Bad move, very bad move, very very bad move, sleepless nights until dawn breaks bad move BUT I did it and even though I had to remake the head 3 times – she looked like Barbie on steroids with a really bad facelift, and those lips, well they definitely couldn’t go to a children’s party that’s for sure, I finally managed to achieve a sort of Clawdeen Wolf type model.I couldn’t bring myself to show you the really bad bodiless heads, but here is how it looked in the end – The irony is that I am going to perfect my modelling skills on a specific course in Manchester in about a months time, if only I could have gone before!!!

Oh OK then, take a look at this!

The bodiless head with a serious lip problem

The bodiless head with a serious lip problem



Let me know what you think – please be kind !!!

Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday to you!!


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