What’s The Right Way Of Cooking Pasta?

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by Jack Sheamus

Cooking pasta seems an easy task to do. It is also one of college student’s favourite, since it only takes 4 easy steps, one of which is boiling the water. But is it so easy cooking pasta the right way?

Pasta in simmering water, Photo: Creative CommonsFirst of all, you have to boil the water, after it comes to a boil, you put in a pinch of salt , then you have to add the pasta. You have to stir every now and then and check if pasta is ready. When ready, you drain it after the pasta, but don’t let it become a mash.

Before cooking the pasta, you will first have to chose it carefully – that depends on the quality of the meal you are about to cook. Avoid Asian pasta of the noodles variety, because it is meant for completely different meals.

Wholewheat pasta with Omega-3 fatty acid is a lot harder than the one made of white flour, this is why they need more time for cooking. Usually pasta with eggs is a lot milder and it can be cooked faster.

The shape of the pasta depends on your own preferences, but you should take into account the fact that little or too tenuous pasta can disappear when you put a thick sauce on top.

Never mix up different types of leftover pasta to cook the together – you will not like the result. Different types and shapes of pasta require different amounts of time to be cooked. The same goes also for all the different brands of pasta — even if they make the same type –- they can be with different thickness.Add a pinch of salt: photo Creative Commons

Always boil the pasta in a big pot, so that there is enough space for the water, which will cover it while you are boiling it. The bottom of the pot should be thicker if you don’t want the pasta to stick to the pot.

One thing that you MUST surely do is to add salt, because it helps for quicker boiling of water and also add extra flavour to pasta. Do not put the pasta in if the water if it is not boiling.

After you put the pasta in the boiling water, do not cover it with a lid. You need to stir the pasta in case of sticking. Stir it every 3 minutes with circle movements.

After the pasta is ready, use a colander to drain the water. To make sure that the pasta is completely ready, you have to try it. The perfect pasta is the pasta that isn’t hard, but you need a little bit of effort to chew it. Pasta continues to cook after it is drained.
Pasta which is too mild is never tasty, especially if you leave it for a few hours. Some people believe that the pasta should be washed with cold water after you drain it – know that it is not really necessary – you can just leave it like this or wash it with water.Mix sauce in while hot, Photo: Creative Commons

Your pasta will become a lot tastier if you mix the sauce and the additional seasoning for it with the pasta when it is ready and hot. This is how the pasta will absorb the aroma and flavour of the sauce.

Cooking pasta isn’t easy but is also not too complicated to make. The next time you decide having pasta for dinner – don’t forget these easy tips for cooking it. They will surely make difference and you will enjoy your dinner a lot more. And don’t forget the sauce.

Jack Sheamus

Jack Sheamus

Author Bio: Jack Sheamus is passionate cook and blogger. He works for http://www.perfectcleaning.org.uk/carpet-cleaning-shepherds-bush-w12/ and use his free time for cooking and travelling.



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